Denim is REVIVE in COVOLAN: is a denim´s fabric collection which is part of responsible innovation strategies of COVOLAN. COVOLAN, always concerned with sustainability, realizes partnership with companies like cocamar®, to stimulate and generate the circular jeans economy.

SUSTAINABILITY IS OUR CHOICE: The collection is made with raw materials, such as: BCI cotton, variated fibers.

Responsible Denim: Aware Jeans. COVOLAN Circular Denim, we believe on this product!


BLACK, in all its own classic shades, extreme and innovative.

Black is so important as Indigo, independently of station. Our exclusive denim´s technology allows that color remains a longer time and was used by COVOLAN TRUE BLACK in all of our collections, since washing until heavy bleaches, offering diversities on shades and constructions.


Properties: Its high elasticity comes with a resource variety that shows the best black color, the extreme effects of washing combined with new models choose and, on each season, ensures unique high comfort jeans.

Responsible Denim: We are a certified company on ISO 9001 standards, the one that ensures the quality of our products, with monitored processes, manufacturing patterns and a better continuous practice that offer products with conformity on our client’s needs.


— Denim art: nature, beauty and responsibility –