OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


The certificação STeP certification refers to a worldwide certification, earned by Germany Hohenstein HTTI Institute, which homologates that Covolan Têxtil® attends the international levels of chemical components used on textile products manufacturing having hard forms of requirements related to chemical management modules, environmental management, environmental performance, quality management, social and safety management, for the clients, collaborators and Community. Covolan Têxtil® is the company in Brazil, that manufactures Denim to have this complex certification, follows MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List), a list presenting international limits for the restrictive chemical components on productive process.

For the management system specialists, STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) consists on a most hard and complete certifications on business segment, embracing several industrial fields, as quality, environment, safety and social responsibility, on a holistic way, transversal and systemic, building hundreds of questions which will be only accepted with supporting evidences, like reliable certifications must be.

STeP is a process certification system to textile segment companies, and has among its objectives, communicating the costumer’s market about the results on sustainable production organization, having a transparent, clear and credible way. This certification is applicable in all the productive installation phase, since its fibers production, wiring, weaving and confection.

The certification objective STeP is the permanent implementation of productive process that respect environment, offering safe work conditions, healthy and socially acceptable. Furthermore, the dynamic development of STeP standard and its benchmarks allow that certified companies continually improve their results about environment protection, social responsibility and their efficiency as well. Therefore, all this give them the permission to achieve the best possible position on market, in competitive ways.

STeP process certification by its so broadly characteristic, has gathered in Covolan Têxtil® case, hundreds of evidences documents attending a modular structure of field analysis and process as environmental management, quality management, safety and work health, the social responsibility, environmental performance, and chemical products safety, used on factories process, preventing, informing and monitoring the results to be attended the international requirements.

Ecologial Values:This certification ensures that Covolan Têxtil® fabrics do not have toxic substances and Covolan Têxtil® also controls and guarantee that does not harm the environment, the quality of products neither work safety, respecting workers, clients, suppliers and the general community. Valorous and different Denim.

Covolan Têxtil®