ZDHC | Zero Descarte de Produto Químico Perigoso


ZDHC | Zero Descarte de Produto Químico Perigoso

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals
In 2017,Covolan Têxtil®​ entered theZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), the program has as objective the zero discard of harmful or dangerous chemical substances on the textile chain.

ZDHC was an almost a decade ago initiative created by great worldwide fashion trademarks, as C&A, Adidas, H&M, Inditex (Zara), Levi Strauss & CO., Puma, among others trademarks that assumed the compromise of no use in your supplies chain, until 2020, of suppliers that use restrictive chemical substances on their products. This attitude brings benefits to the costumer, eliminates the need of more intensive water residual treatment.

Covolan Têxtil®​ is the first and only one on its segment in Brazil and one of the three worldwide denim´s manufacturers to be part of ZDHC program as collaborator company.

ZDHC follows the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List), ulimits, a relation or international coverage list which contains all the products and restrictive substances on textile manufacturing, established with tolerable maximum limits, these ones must be periodically controlled through labs´ tests. Among the substances that must be banned, is possible to find “ftlatos”, heavy metals, phenols, among others, considered toxic and hazardous to environment, able to offer risks to the workers and costumers.

"Ecological Value: The ZDHC effluents guide is available to establish a unified expectative on textile and shoes industries to evaluate the quality of generated and discarded effluents. ZDHC incentives the global adoption of directions presented in the guide, by any other organization interested on a more sustainable future.

Covolan Têxtil®​