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Transformers Education Brazil

Transformers Foundation Continues Its Global Expansion Extending Its Educational Programs to Portugese. The Student and Consumer-Facing Denim Education Series Transformers ED in Collaboration With The LYCRA Company and Covolan Denim. 

NEW YORK | APR 21, 2021 | Transformers Foundation presents Transformers ED Brazil in collaboration with The LYCRA Company e a Covolan Denim. This next edition of Transformers ED marks the continuation of Transformers Foundation’s global expansion with all panels and presentations taking place in Portugese catered to one of the largest denim hubs in the world, Brazil. The event will be entirely online, free and open to anyone who is interested to join via Zoom on June 1st and 2nd. 

Featuring two days of Portugese content focused on sustainability literacy and the denim supply chain, Transformers ED Brazil will host a diverse roster of speakers and panellists catered to support our Brazilian audience. 

In its fifth edition, Transformers ED continues to elevate student and consumer education around best practices and innovation through industry veterans and expert speakers. Transformers Foundation believes that responsibility and transparency begin by equipping upcoming designers and denim professionals with the tools and knowledge they need before entering the workplace. 

This upcoming ED event will cast a light on innovations being created by leading members of the denim community, mini “crash courses” on topics ranging from fiber to denim production, and help students and consumers in Brazil understand the opportunities and areas for improvement. 

June 1 panels and presentations will take students and consumers through the Denim supply chain with a focus on fabric production. Topics will range from fibers such as cotton, elastomeric, man made cellulose and bast fibers to innovative dyeing methods from top industry experts in World. 

June 2 panels and presentations will focus on finished made garments including topics ranging from the role of sustainable chemicals, sustainable washing methods, certifications, and the future of responsible Denim in Brazil. 

The response to our global expansion has been overwhelming with X students from X universities and fashion programs across Europe, Latin America, and the United States, attending to receive a thorough and unvarnished crash course on the state of the denim supply chain,” said Andrew Olah, founder of Transformers Foundation and Kingpins Show. “This 5th 

edition, we scheduled our programming to accommodate Brazilian students, which we couldn’t be more excited about as Brazil is one of the biggest denim hubs in the world. Our mission is to prepare students all around the world to enter the denim industry with a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the jeans industry.” 

A complete program will be available soon. To register for the event, please visit our site here.

Videos from past Transformers ED events are available here. 

Speakers include: Júlio Cesar Busato, Abrapa; Andrew Olah, Transformers Foundation; Carlos Cazella, Bann Quimica; Murilo Oliveira, Rudolf-Soft Industria Quimica; Silvana Eva, The LYCRA Company; Fernando Valente Pimentel, Abit; Juliana Jabour, Gilberto Campanatti, Lenzing; Maurizio Morosini, Tonello; Miguel Sanchez, Transformers Foundation; Mariana Santiloni, WGSN; Rodolfo Morais, Neotex; Thaísa Peralta, Hallan Davi, Gileade Guimarães, José Luiz, Covolan Denim; Jaqueline Devegili, Malwee Jeans; Julia Stolfo, Weslayne Scavacini, Lavanderia John Cler; Mariana Noto, ZDHC; 

About Transformers Foundation: 

Transformers Foundation is the unified voice representing the denim industry and its ideas for positive change. It was founded to provide a thus-far missing platform to the jeans and denim supply chain and a central point of contact for consumers, brands, NGOs, and media who want to learn more about ethics and sustainable innovation in the industry. 

We represent the denim supply chain: from farmers and chemical suppliers to denim mills and jeans factories.

Instagram: @transformersfoundation LinkedIn: @Transformers Foundation foundation/ 

About The LYCRA Company: 

A The LYCRA Company inova e produz soluções em fibras e tecnologia para as indústrias de vestuário e cuidados pessoais. Sediada em Wilmington, Delaware, a The LYCRA Company é reconhecida mundialmente por seus produtos inovadores, conhecimento técnico e suporte inigualável em marketing, e é proprietária de marcas como LYCRA®, LYCRA HyFit®, LYCRA® T400®, COOLMAX®, THERMOLITE®, ELASPAN®, SUPPLEX® e TACTEL®. O legado da The LYCRA Company iniciou-se em 1958 com a invenção do fio de elastano original, o fio LYCRA®. Hoje, a empresa está focada em agregar valor aos produtos de seus clientes desenvolvendo inovações para atender às necessidades do consumidor por conforto e durabilidade. Para mais informações, visite 

Instagram: @lycrabrand_br |
LinkedIn: The LYCRA Company Brasil | Youtube: LYCRA Brand Brasil


Covolan Denim® 

Founded in 1966, 

has transformed itself from spinning and weaving, into a 

national and international reference in Sustainability. Textile Industry 100% Brazilian. From the 

year 2000, it dedicated itself to the exclusive production of Denim, with purposes that go 

beyond what we take from the planet as consumers, but rather how we can create better 

changes with our products. Sustainability is in the company’s DNA. 

Their goal is to create a more robust, ethical and responsible Denim ecosystem. Covolan works 

valiantly on the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, being the 

only textile manufacturer Denim do Brasil that is an associate member of the program 

concerned with meeting the requirements and criteria at world levels to obtain the 


Covolan Denim® takes care of the ZERO disposal of toxic chemicals, all the water used in the production process is treated through the modern and new Wastewater Treatment Plant. In addition, the Bann Premium Zero Aniline* Dye is used in the 100% collections. 

Our responsibility is an effective process, with qualified suppliers, capable team, certifiers organs that obtain the three pillars to deliver the best product to the client. 


Instagram: @covolandenim_
LinkedIn: @CovolanDenim
Youtube: Covolan Denim Oficial 

Press Images Courtesy of Transformers Foundation: HERE 

Press Inquiries: 

For more information, please contact Ani Wells at

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