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Green Washing

– What Greenwahing means to Covolan Denim?

Answer: Greenwashing is a crime!

If we say the correct information leads people to wrong attitudes it´s a crime, making clientes and companies trust on a untrue something. Clients are going to use a product non-poisoning, not a river or lake pollutant, When, in fact, it´s harmful to rivers, ground, air and also human being, this is a crime. A fake product may poison rivers, people and that´s why we consider greenwashing such a crime.  

(Jame´s lecture at FATEC Araras)

– How greenwashing is affecting the Denim and Fashion?

Answer 2: Affects Every minute it remains.  Creates an unfair competition, because the ones are sustainable, who work to diminish environmental impacts and have investments related to sustainability, have different reasons from the ones are being deceived on commercial relations.

Denim and Fashion professionals buy something but consider being other one, thinking it´s safe and able to restrict substances using, and this is not true.   From the moment you buy something that is not correct, you don´t deceive just the denim´s company but a whole supply chain, including the final consumer, affecting an higher inconcebible number.

– What could turn a Denim company into responsible to prevent and neutralize greenwashing?

Answer 3: We have to split the chain into 2 stages, the production chain and the commerce one.  

The productive chain needs to act for the merchants already get the right product. So it starts by ourselves, if we produce on a right way, the final consumer receives the product in the requirements. The companies are engaged through the purpose, receive the correct product. We need to get a positive sustainable suppliers list, liable companies that don´t practice greenwashing. Companies we can work with, being sustainable. It´s not an action just for Denim mill, we need to act together on informations spreading about the subject, Every part involved needs to act honestly, to value the product and turn the consumer aware, the results are not fast. We can´t keep on this excuse, about the price. Nowadays, we observe several consumer´s change, always searching for the truth. We believe in the communication power and we have to talk more about the content.  

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