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With the pandemic issues, we were very anxious, expecting the renovation of our STeP by OEKO-TEX certification and it has come. We share this good news with our clients, friends and partners. 

The STeP certification refers to a worldwide certifying, earned by Germany´s Hohenstein HTTI Institute. 

To system´s management specialists, STeP (Sustainable Textile Production), is one of most complete and difficult certifications of this business, to embrace the diversity industries´ fields, as the quality, the environment, the security and social awareness, on a holistic way, systemic and transversal, constituting hundreds of questions which will be accepted only with evidential tests, as the certifications that generates reliability must be. 

The STeP is a certification process system for the textile companies, has among its objectives, to communicate the consuming market about the results related to organizational sustainable production, on a transparent, clear and reliable ways. This certification is applicable in every productive installation’s phases, since the fibers, threads, weaving and making production.

Covolan Denim®️ is the only company in America, denim´s manufacturer to have this complex certification, which follows the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List), a list that presents the international limits for the restrictive chemical components on productive process. 

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