Covolan Tour – Programa de Visitas

Prêmio FIESP: Água

Covolan Têxtil®​ is pleasant to receive its clients and partners on guided visits by the factory, and school and courses on textile segment as well.

Covolan Tour visits the wiring, the weaving, dyeing process, water treatment station beyond other phasis, that present dynamic form processes, what helps the understanding of how denim is produced and all its phasis are important, valorizing the company´s industrial historical.

Elementary School, High school, Technique School, Graduation and Post-Graduation.   Covolan Têxtil®​ keeps a monitored visits´ program, through de previous booking of elementary school, high school, technique, graduation and post-graduation ones, with the objective of presenting the best environmental and sustainability practices, models of production, own technology on its textile processes, what allows that our students think of a parallel with their theories learned with practice, stimulating themselves on their formations, impacting them positively with the incentive of working and entrepreneurship practice.

Visit Covolan Têxtil®​: To schedule your visit, be in contact with your representant or our marketing department:

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