Jovem Aprendiz


Jovem Aprendiz

The Programa Jovem Aprendiz (The Young Apprentice Program) of Covolan Têxtil® has as objective the insertion of Young people on labor Market, focused on social inclusion, competences´ development, school evasion reducing, child labor combat, beyond the spread of values and culture´s organization. The young act in several areas like administrative, work safety and logistic ones.

The Legal Apprentice is a program based on the Apprenticeship Law (10.097 / 2000).

Ecological Valeu: To empower the self-steam and the citizen´s condition by the work. These are the factors extremely important that Covolan Têxtil® believes and has put in practice through “Programa Jovem Aprendiz” (Young Apprentice Program).

This is a shared responsibility of state, Society, Family and young, serving as an instrument capable of transforming the reality of thousands of young and impact on a positive way the society.

Young has the opportunity of social inclusion with the first employ and developing competences for workforce, while managers have the opportunity of contributing for country´s professionals future formation, spreading values and company´s culture.

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