Covolan Têxtil® has as value the culture and jeans sustainable production and is always investing on productive cares for an ecologically correct denim. The sustainability is our way and we have achieved the circular economy with the Circular Denim products´ releasing..

Recycling is an important theme for Covolan Têxtil®, as the natural resources become increasingly limited.

By this care and keeping itself faithful to its sustainable view, Covolan Têxtil® also launched “Denim is Revive in Covolan”, a jeans recycling product line.

Denim Circular, is the recycling concept of jeans through the reusing of discarded material, with no use, where are put together the jeans´ flaps of productions remanent, the ones are sent for recycling factories. There, these flaps are crushed and transformed into fibers, they are processed, until producing the threads.

Cocamar is our producing partner of recycled threads, the ones Covolan Têxtil® produces the fabric since this defibrillated thread, resulting on Denim Circular. .

The manufacturing criteria used by Cocamar and Covolan Têxtil®, ensure the regularity and pattern of recycled fabric with quality and uniformity.

We believe that if all the involved-on suppliers´ chain attends to the costumer, fashion may have a positive impact on nature and communities.

Covolan Têxtil® is a transparent company and sustainability is a story to tell.

When doing its part and offering solutions that do not commit the needs of future generations, Covolan Têxtil® is taking standards to abort the critical imperative of sustainability and at the same time embracing the opportunities.

“Trademarks must appreciate the research value that is behind of sustainable production and support it, while the costumers need to be more aware.”

Covolan Têxtil®