Zero Aniline Indigo Bann Premium Dye, is non-toxic dye able to produce the indigo blue that makes possible the dyeing with intense blue shades and promotes additional economy by 50% on sodium hydroxide, 60% of sodium hydrosulfite and 10% on indigo blue, that proportionate the same properties of conventional indigo dyeing.

Ecological Value Environmentally aware. When removing a dangerous foulness of jeans suppliers´ chain, we have the objective to protect workers who create jeans, the costumers that use jeans and the environment with cleaner water courses.

Denim Fabric dyed with Zero Aniline indigo Dye is completely safe and inoffensive, attending the costumers demands for sustainable textile products. *Expressing respect and responsibility with the planet and future generations.*

Is the best alternative to market for denim´s cleaner production. Every article from Covolan Têxtil® are produced with 100% Zero Aniline Indigo Bann Premium Dye.

On conventional indigo dyeing processes, aniline is an inevitable element of denim´s production dyed with indigo. Contrary to others chemical foulness, aniline is blocked on indigo pigment during the dyeing process and, therefore, cannot be of fabric washed.

Scientific tests show that aniline foulness is toxic for humans, causing skin allergy, main organs harm and genetical defects, and also are connected with cancer. Aniline is toxic to water life as well. Proven, tons of aniline residuals are discarded on environment on residual waters flush.

Covolan Sustentare: means to sustain, to support, to conserve and take care.

Covolan Têxtil®​