Conservação e Reuso de Água

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Conservação e Reuso de Água

Since 2006, Covolan Têxtil®​ concerns about the conservation and water reusing, used on its productive process.

The rational and efficient use of water, comprehends the loss and wasting control, the one that reduces the effluents production and its own water consume. Covolan Têxtil® enjoys the efficient techniques and technologies for treatment and storage of water, and so it can be reused several times.

The recent crisis of supply in Brazil and in the world took the Society to comprehend that water management has become a global priority. The questions related to hydric risk, loss management, reusing of water e new technologies for mitigation oh these risks search for a bigger efficiency on water reuse.

With industrial water reusing, we liberate the good quality water sources, for public and other priority uses supply. Avoiding the sewer discard, a good contribution for resource conservation is possible, adding an economic dimension to hydric resources planning. The importance of reusing is to reduce the demand about the water spring due to potable water replaced by low quality one.

This way, great volume of potable water may be saved with water reusing, for the finalities attendance that can prescind the potability of patterns.

Covolan Têxtil®​ reuses water by one the most demanding of consume process, “Sanforizadeira Machine”, being possible to represent 30% of all the water used on productive processes.

Water has a natural mechanism on circulation with becomes it reusable for many times and for several ways. On Covolan Têxtil®, this attested percentage is not discarded but treated and reused.

Covolan Têxtil®​ comprehends the importance of water for our survivance and takes care of it.

Ecological Value: Water is one of the most important natural resources to planet´s life existence. The reusing concept mentions the own existence water natural cycle, that considers capture, reusing and discard.

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