ISO 45001

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ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is an international standard for Occupational safety and health management system, which has as objective the prevention of accident´s occurrence from operational risks reduction, identifying opportunities that provide safe working environment, taking care of health and welfare of every collaborators of us.

This standard replaces OHSAS 18001, published by BSI, which Covolan Têxtil® was certified since 2015. Different from OHSAS 18001 focused exclusively only on procedures, ISO 45001 has the most modern approach, with operational health and security analysis on every process, thinking over their particularities, on an integrated way with interested part and with an identification focus of risks and opportunities, what previously was focused only on risks.

Another approach that this standard has brought, was the responsibility that must be practiced for all the leadership related to workers´ health and safety, not setting itself only a professional ‘responsibility of work health and safety. On the contrary, the leadership needs get involved and assume itself on occupational culture development and promotion.

Ecological Value: The reduction of accidents with the establishing of a major security on work activities realization. The attendance of pertinent legislation is a need, as a PCMSO (Programa de Controle Médico de Saúde Ocupacional) accomplishment, a legal procedure established by Brazil´s laws of work consolidation, through mandatory standard 7, searching the protection of worker´s occupational health, and other pertinent ones as well, what generates lower public power sanctions risks, but ensures above all, the greatest wellness of any company, the physical integrity of their collaborators.

Covolan Têxtil® was certified on ISO 45001 in 2020, being a conquering by consequences of other actions established throughout previous time, when health and the safety were considered as a premise related to established work conditions. Covolan Têxtil®.