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ISO 9001

ISO 9000 Series origin itself by a British standard, BS 5750, which on its first 1987 version described in four ways a set of basic elements, possible by qualities systems that could be developed and implemented.

The standards has their guaranteed upgrade and the contents must be periodically reviewed, since its creation, ISO 9001 passed through four reviews, the most meaningful on 2000 version, when through a standard unification of this series, was established a rule having as objective quality of management, prescribed by ISO 9001:2000, searching clients´ satisfaction and not just the attending of previous specified requirements, being also inserted elements as the process approach, continuous improvement and the client satisfaction mediation.

The 2015 September 15th last version, was inserted new risks requirements, organization context analysis and considerations of interested parts (stakeholders), when sustainability may be considered as a section 4.2 element of the standard, being yet englobed on this version the activities that must be developed by the organization, to make sure:

- The certainty that products and services serve clients, making them entirely satisfied;
- Guarantee that products and services be on right ordinance on themselves.
- Improve continually its performance. Covolan Têxtil®, currently, is certified on ISO 9001:2015, that holds the PDCA cycle, that attempts quality planning, the production planned, and the improvement of results checking. Is considered one of the most recognized standards in the world, ISO 9001, is part of rules group of Covolan Têxtil®, it has formed our integrated management system, once already certified on ISO 14001 (Environmental management system). With this system the practice and searching of continuous improvement intensifies everything we´ve already done. Ecological Value: Patterned practices ensure the best available resources use, being them either productive, humans or naturals.

Covolan Têxtil®.