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The technology Indigo Genius transforms the manner Denim is made.

This technology is three times more efficient and twice cleaner than an indigo conventional machine, considered as Green Dye (Eco-conscient Dyeing).

Ecological Value: Denim produced with 40% less water and 75% less water optimization not processing of trade, an initiative that contributed to the conscious use of water and has a better future for our planet. It is considered as a “VIP” denim (Very Intelligent Production) and as one of the most modern technologies of existing continuous dyeing, through Nitrogen Indigo Performance (NIP), semi-reduced or intense visual colors, recreating in the form of stain or cotton. In a nitrogenous atmosphere, which is cold and submerged, it provides totally different effects and intensities from two obtained by traditional staining methods.

The GENIUS DENIM, has as characteristics intense shades of blue, bottoming, toppings, bottom + top and black.

- High efficiency Dyeing: Indigo Genius Dyeing uses the nitrogen technology to control the chemical process dyeing. The nitrogen technology increases three times the collect of a conventional dyeing due to a bigger permanency time and indigo concentration increasing.

- Water Economy: The same indigo dyeing shade may be now achieved with less quantity of dyeing washes. The bigger fixation of indigo on fiber allows a drastically reduced water consume on wash phase. The water consume on finishing process also may be half reduced; it means that in every process the reduction of water meaningfully perceived.

- Nitrogen Technology: With nitrogen technology, the oxidation is temporarily blocked. On the pressurizing chamber, the dye has enough time to spread and fix on thread. Thus, Indigo Genius may capture three times more the dyeing with an indigo concentration higher.

Preserved water – Green Dye
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