Logística Reversa

Programa 5S

Through reverse logistic, Covolan Têxtil® enables the collect and restitution of solid residuals to its suppliers to be reused, on its productive cycle, or other final destination environmentally correct.

Among others principles and introduced instruments by Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos (PNRS), (PNRS)Lei nº 12.305, de 2 de agosto de 2010, and its regulation, Decreto Nº 7.404 de 23 de dezembro de 2010, highlight themselves the shared responsibility by products life cycle and reverse logistic.

On PNRS terms, the shared responsibility by products life cycle is “the group of individuals attribution and chained of manufacturers, importers, distributors and merchants, of costumers and urban cleaning public service servers and handling solid residuals, to minimizes the solid residuals and generated rejecting, also to reduce the impacts caused to human health and environmental quality came from products life cycle, on this law term.”"

Reverse logistics is one of the instruments for applying shared responsibility for the life cycle of products. PNRS defines reverse logistics as an "instrument of economic and social development characterized by a set of actions, procedures and means designed to enable the collection and return of solid waste to the business sector, for reuse, in its cycle or in other cycles. production, or other environmentally appropriate final destination.”

Covolan Têxtil®practices the reverse use of packing like pallet and products´ pack, with the suppliers´ chain partnership.

Ecologic Value When reusing and recycling, we avoid the need of producing new products and conserve the natural resource. So, The Reverse Logisticcontributes for the environmental preservation.


Covolan Têxtil®