Sou de Algodão

BCI – Better Cotton Initiative
Programa 5S

Sou de Algodão is a unique movement in Brazil that has arisen in 2016 to wakes up a collective awareness around fashion and responsible consume. To unite in only one voice all the productive chains agent and textile industry of this fiber, since the camp man until the final costumer, passing through by weavers, artisans, guarantors, fashion designers, stylists and students. There´s a lot of strong people behind one only piece of cotton.

Cotton is natural, comfortable, slim, tropical and represents the best in our Brazilian way of life; Nowadays, Brazil is the world´s biggest supplier of sustainable cotton. All this means that our initiative collaborates for an environmentally correct journey of product, socially fair and economically responsible.

When you choose cotton, you valorize your clothes ‘origin and yet help keeping this system that fulfill integrally the intern market, bring meaningful numbers that collaborates with national economy, generate jobs and it is good for everybody! Covolan Têxtil® supports the Sou de Algodão ) movement and believes on its power contributing for an aware fashion. The Brazilian cotton fiber is cultivated by a liable way (75% of production has socioenvironmental certification), generates jobs and empower the economy.

Our country is world´s champion in productivity when the subject is cotton without irrigation: more than 90% of our plantation depends on just rain water to develop themselves and give a true lesson about aware origin and innovation.

Liable Brazilian Cotton, also knew as “sustainable cotton”, is the main ingredient of Sou de Algodão. The ABR is 2012 implanted program by Abrapa to ensure the compromise of its production with sustainability in three pillars.

Environmental: includes responsibility with environment preservation and controlled and correct use of defensives.

Social: predicts the worker respect and ensures fair relations among contractors, always in agreement with law and contributing for the community development.

Economic: emphasizes business economic health that surrounds cotton, benefiting everyone on a balanced and fair way and stimulating the growth of Brazilian gross domestic product.

Since 2013, the ABR acts on benchmarking with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). It means that, in Brazil, for having the international license, the production must be certified by ABR. ABR. On the criteria, Brazilian certification unites the 25 minimum criteria of BCI production, the same are used worldwide, and others additional 153 related with our law system.

Ecological Values: To cooperate, collaborate, contribute with everyone. Covolan Têxtil® valorizes the planting, cultivating, and cotton harvesting, recognizing their socioeconomic importance to our country and Denim.

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