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Programa 5S

Programa 5S is considered the base for the implantation of a quality integrated manufacturing system, environmental, of health and work safety, because creates an organized culture of discipline and organization and order keeping at work environment, eliminating wasting, improving collaborators motivation and increasing safety and company productivity.

Covolan Textil® keeps this program on active way more than a decade, with a correct and customized methodology to ensure the continuous organization improving.

The main advantage of programa 5S is the facility that it has to provoke behavior changes in every companies’ sectors.

• 1S – Sense of use: Teaches that we must have the necessary in necessary quantity without improvisations. The main objective is to become the work environment more useful and less polluted, on visual and space. To get this, classifies objects or work material according to their usefulness, keeping the necessary and discarding the unnecessary. About frequency of using: constant, occasional or rare, it´s determined the localization of storage, allowing its reaching with the correct efficiency when used.

• 2S – Sense of Ordination: Has as main objective defined place for each material, tool or object, and when possible, the resources must be identified, in order to be accessed on a fast and safe way. Its key concept is the simplification. The space organization previously done from sense of use, will offer a time saving having bigger agility on object searching that will be correctly identified and organized.

• 3S – Sense of Cleaning: The third item values the environment and installation cleanness, and a very detailed investigation of work place searching for routines that generate imperfections or dirt (clean environment eases the detection of abnormalities). Any element that may causes some disturb or discomfort (as bad smell, illumination failures or noises) must be fixed. The main result is an environment that generates workers ‘satisfaction for have been working at an organized and clean place, beyond of equipment with less possibilities of error or broken by constant supervision.

• 4S – Sense of Health: The fourth sense prescribes attitudes to improve physical, mental and emotional health, looking after of personal hygienic, and also to aware everybody about the importance in generating a cleaner, organized, identified and controlled environment of work, recommended on first three senses. The care on having a healthy feed, gym practice, construction of a respectful work place, and the attendance of safety standards, is part of this sense composition that will contributes for a better performance and productivity of whom practices it.

• 5S – Sense of Self-discipline: The fifth sense, the self-discipline one, may be considered the 5S´s key of success. It occurs when the employee starts playing his/her role to improves the work environment, performance and personal health, on a natural way, through a process and practice repetition that features the establishment of a disciplined behavior.

Focused on continuous improving, the 5S is a participatory character program, being a tool to educate people on an easy, simple and effective way, in or out of work environment.

Ecologic ValueThrough the most sustainable practices is what make collaborators feel more strenuous to accomplish his/her responsibilities with more efficiency and satisfaction.

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